Health and Economics Outcomes Strategy

Outside the United States, it is virtually guaranteed that the results from a cost
and/or comparative assessment of new technologies will be considered by those
agencies that manage coverage decisions as well as price determinations. The
results of HTA’s conducted by independent third party organizations may be
incorporated into coverage and pricing decisions in many geographic areas,
including France, for example. Moreover, price referencing is utilized extensively
in many smaller geographic markets, in the EU and elsewhere. Although, the
US has lagged behind many geographic areas in the incorporation of these
assessments into regulatory and reimbursement decisions, it is a certainty
that this will not be the case for long. Therefore it is of substantial importance
to manufacturers of new and innovative technologies and products to design
and execute cost and/or comparative effectiveness studies when building and
executing their global commercialization strategies. tJun17 Life Sciences has
supported dozens of manufacturing organizations in their development and
utilization of such studies to support dossier submissions.

Services Offered

  • Global cost and comparative effectiveness evaluations for new technologies and products
  • Development and implementation of global health and economic outcomes strategies
  • Design and implementation of online and on-ground training courses in cost and comparative study design and execution
  • Review and assessment of Health Technology Assessments (HTA’s) and their potential impact on technology and product commercialization
  • Incorporation of cost and comparative effectiveness and HTA study results into reimbursement dossiers