Global Reimbursement Strategy

Developing an understanding of today’s global reimbursement paradigms can
be a daunting undertaking. Not only is it critical to understand payer coverage,
coding and payment mechanisms, but the converging nature of these variables
with global regulatory requirements can make this task overwhelmingly complex
to many medical technology companies. Moreover, manufacturers that wish to
commercialize innovative new technologies have a substantially more difficult
time communicating the value of their product(s) to reimbursement organizations.
tJun17 Life Sciences is exceptionally experienced in this area, and has worked
with dozens of companies to successfully navigate global reimbursement system
pathways. Our company has relationships with hundreds of payers across
the globe, and can utilize these relationships to support the development and execution of successful reimbursement strategies that optimize payment levels.

A few examples of our work are listed below:

Medicare Local Coverage Determinations (LCD’s) and Private Payer Value Dossier Submissions

  • An operative hysteroscopy system for minimally invasive resection of intrauterine fibroids and polyps
  • An RF based intradiscal annulopasty system for use in the spine
  • Single and multi-use synovial fluid replacement therapies for treatment of osteoarthritis
  • A novel biopolymer based material for use in cartilage repair in the knee and hip
  • An in vitro diagnostic kit for optimization of 5-FU therapy for colorectal cancer
  • An interventional radiology system for visualization and treatment of liver oncology
  • A visually based diagnostic system for detection of breast oncology

Call us if you would like to discuss further.  Redacted writing samples from each of these submissions are available upon request.