Biomedical Product Market Research Services


The chart below represents a sampling of our healthcare product and technology market research and strategic development capabilities:

Market Research We will work with you to design, monitor and execute market research programs that drive innovation and maximize market penetration
Marketing Strategy A long-term and quantitatively driven plan is key to any successful technology commercialization program.  We will collaborate with you to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that optimizes your technology’s return on investment
Commercialization of Intellectual Property We use our extensive network of industry contacts to work with academic organizations and life sciences companies to find licensing or acquisition partners for early stage technologies
Establishment of US and International Distribution Channels  At tJun17 Life Sciences we have extensive experience in the development of both domestic and international distribution channels.  If your life sciences organization wants to launch an innovative product or service but has no established distribution channels, let us help you to identify and select appropriate global distribution partners